Pilas 2019 Annual Conference “Communities of Knowledge, Communities of Action” took place on 4-5th June 2019 at the University of York. The event was funded by the Society for Latin American Studies and the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of London. Key note speakers included Professor Ben Bollig (University of Oxford), Dr. Maria-Eugenia Giraudo (University of York), Dr. Benjamin Smith (University of Warwick), and Dr. Katy Jenkins (Northumbria University).

During the two-days event, more than 40 postgraduate students presented their research, exploring the crucial, albeit tenuous, relationship between knowledge formation and public action in Latin America. Contributions revolved around a wide array of subjects, including neoliberal practices of extractivism and research on anthropogenic climate change, the end of the Pink Tide, feminist and indigenous movements, the rising influence of para-police forces in urban peripheries and ongoing efforts to decolonise national literary and cultural canons, among other.

The Conference’s final programme can be read here:

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