PILAS 2021 Virtual Conference – Call for papers

I, We, They, the Other: Deconstructing Identity in

 Latin America’

 1- 2 July 2021



Keynote speakers Prof. Peter Wade and Prof. Antoni Kapcia + Workshop on skills for academic publishing + Virtual pub quiz

This year’s topic, ‘I, We, They, the Other: Deconstructing Identity in Latin America’, invites us to explore the concept of identity with renewed interest and to tease out its multiple interrelations to a wide range of spheres: political and economic regimes, social structures, public health, and the environment, to name a few. With this, we want to look at the big picture of Latin America and the multiple ways identity and belonging are expressed, researched, argued or neglected. We want to analyse identity from different angles and multi-scalar perspectives. This approach will be useful for promoting multi-disciplinary conversations that engage with the political, economic and cultural dimensions of the Latin American region – past, present, and future. Examples of contributions could involve social struggles and civil rights movements, gender and ethnic identities, state and national identities, migration and mobilities, art and culture movements, climate change and the ecological crisis, racial and extractive capitalism, and many more. Overall, we approach identity as an umbrella theme in order to encompass the numerous aspects of affinity, belonging and marginalisation.

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